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Providing professional property inspections covering the whole of London.


High resolution, digital photos of each room provide a quick overview, and additional smaller images highlight items of value, interest and damage. A document listing all the spaces in a property, including the garden and outbuildings if appropriate, with a detailed description of the condition and contents such as furniture, appliances, decorations, curtains/blinds etc.

In the case of fully furnished properties, all items of padded furniture are checked to ensure compliance with FFR Labelling – The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations. Any furnishing that does not comply is brought to the attention of the landlord for their action. This inventory is agreed by the tenant at the beginning of the tenancy and is used at the end to check for any changes, deterioration and other dilapidations.

An inventory should be made shortly before the tenancy commences and the property should have all modifications and refurbishments completed, appliance testing certified, be clean, tidy and ready to be occupied. We will complete your inventory report within 48 hours of the visit – and a PDF report will then be emailed through to the instructing principle for you to print off prior to checking in your new tenant/s.

Check In’s

A check-in combined with an inventory, creates a report specific to a tenancy. The check-in appointment is attended by both the clerk and tenant, where we will walk around and inspect the property together making any amendments to the inventory report as we go.

A check-in provides a schedule of condition of the property and sets the standard at which the property should be maintained and returned at the end of the tenancy. The meter readings will be taken and keys quantified, plus photographed to guarantee accuracy. The report will then be dated and electronically signed by both the tenant(s) and clerk, before being emailed through to the instruction client.

Check Out

A check-out report takes place at the most important point in the tenancy – when your tenants move out.
The check-out compares the condition at the end of the tenancy to that on the inventory and / or check-in report. Each room documented within the inventory report will be thoroughly re-inspected, we will assign liability for these changes to either tenants or the landlord e.g. maintenance, fair wear and tear or tenant liability.

The report will also note all final meter readings, compare the keys returned to the keys provided at the start of the tenancy and records forwarding contact details for outgoing tenants when possible. A detailed check-out report will then be produced normally within 48 hours and email to the instructing client.

Mid-Term Inspection

This is a brief mid-term inspection, carried out at regular agreed intervals during the tenancy. This is to ensure all conditions of the tenancy are being adhered to and that the property is being well looked after, within the bounds of Fair Wear & Tear. This should be carried out with the tenants present at a time convenient to all parties with adequate notice given.