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The Professional Inventory Company

Providing professional property inspections covering the whole of London.

Comprehensive inventory and property maintenance


The report provides a methodical and accurate account of the property from the front entrance through each room, and can include outdoor space.

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Check In’s

A check-in combined with an inventory, creates a report specific to a tenancy.

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Check Out

A check-out report takes place at the most important point in the tenancy – when your tenants move out.

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Mid-Term Inspection

This is a brief mid-term inspection, carried out at regular agreed intervals during the tenancy.

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Viva Inventory Limited is an independent Property inventory company. All our clerks are highly trained, insured and have many years of experience.

We pride ourselves on paying special attention to detail and providing a quality report every time. Acting as a third party, we have provided unbiased reports for hundreds of clients. Our Director comes from a lettings background so we understand the stress involved with handling deposits and our aim is to make life just that little bit easier!

With our 24-48 hour turnaround, our well prepared and detailed reports protect the landlord’s property as well as the tenant’s deposit. Our services help to avoid time wasted with disagreements with all parties involved when the tenancy comes to an end.

We cover the whole of London and the out-skirting areas.